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Cause Fund Beneficiaries

Gamers Outreach®

Gamers Outreach is a for-purpose organization helping to restore a sense of joy and normalcy in the lives of hospitalized children. Project GoKart is an awesome project that provides portable video game kiosks or GoKarts built specifically for hospitals. 

Born This Way/ Foundation

Born This Way/ Foundation (BTWF) is committed to supporting the wellness of young people and working with them to "make the world kinder and braver". Through high-impact programming, youth-led conversations, and strategic, cross-sectoral partnerships, the Foundation aims to make kindness cool, validate the emotions of young people, and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

charity: water

Together we can end the water crisis. Since charity:water was founded in 2006, we’ve been chasing one ambitious goal: ending the global water crisis. If we all work together, we believe everyone will have access to life’s most basic need within our lifetime. 


Every $1 is one less pound of trash in the ocean. #TeamSeas is one of the biggest, baddest and most-impactful cleanup projects of all time. It provides cutting-edge river Interceptors, info on local-organized cleanups, ghost gear removal efforts, and professional expeditions to areas where we can have the greatest conservation impact!


Inspiring restoration. We envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore themselves. TreeSisters is a social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration in everyone's hands by inspiring and channeling women’s Nature Based Feminine Leadership into global action.

World Wildlife Fund

Our mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. Partnerships play a key role in WWF’s efforts to influence the course of conservation, and lasting change is achieved through collaboration with a range of extraordinary partners. We leverage the strengths of these collaborations to achieve great success.

What is a Cause Fund?

A Cause Fund is an innovative new way for donors to support multiple causes they care about, in one easy action step.  We’ve grouped these high impact awesome not-for-profits together, to leverage the existing action and produce extreme results to advance the SDGs– 3 for the Planet, and 3 for the People. 

How do we use your donations?

95% of donations are given directly to the 6 high-impact awesome organizations in our Cause Fund each month!

5% of donations are used to support our operating costs.

What are our values?