Our foundation is about seeking and supporting projects that sustain our planet

Our founders imagine, energize and bring it to life! We the people are the solution and can drive massive change, moving from rebellion to restoration.

Jenn Boyd | jenn@morelove.today

Jennifer Boyd, our CEO, has deep experience in systems analysis, project management and business development. She thrives being in nature and planting seeds for the future. She enjoyed a career in landscape architecture where she built a successful business and shaped designs toward environmental sustainability. She educated clients on the impact that their choices can have on ecosystems, as she worked towards restorative outcomes.

Jenn is hard-wired to lift others up with positivity and build community. At a young age, she remembers leaving notes of encouragement around her home to inspire family members. In her life, she’s recognized that many hard things in life were made better simply by showing more love and kindness toward others and the natural world. She sees a growing chasm between avid online communities and the engagement needed in real life to support the natural world. She’s passionate about engaging members of Gen Z in her work by meeting them where so many are—online and playing for a cause.

Jenn founded Meaningful Missions Foundation to create a community that amplifies more love and kindness and to take giant intentional steps to advance the UN Global Goals.

Kelli Roy | kelli@morelove.today

Kelli Roy, our director of operations, is a results-driven program/project manager and entrepreneur with deep roots working with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. She’s holds an important gatekeeping and planning role with the Alberta Provincial Government, ensuring that storm damage/threat mitigation projects were prioritized effectively. She advocates for communities that need significant financial support to address issues and avoid damage in the future.Her project experiences showed her the benefit of evaluating issues from different perspectives. When she feels emotions surfacing, she asks herself, am I sure this is about me? How do I add more love to this situation and rise above the reaction?Kelli has a vision to engage the foundation community to build solutions collaboratively and in a way that feels very personal to the members. She is also a nature lover and wants to encourage the idea of immersing in nature as a vital approach to improving mental wellbeing. A published author, Kelli also brings great creativity to foundation efforts, including user experience, web design and brand building.

We are about giving back

Core Values

Encouragement, Kindness, Responsibility, Courage, & Grit

We are building a community that amplifies love and kindness to make life, inside and out, profoundly healthier and more positive

Our foundation is in pursuit of greater kindness in our world. We seek out and support meaningful missions that spark positivity and sustain our planet.


We want to encourage others to dream so boldly. MMF invites the change-makers of the world to act on any innovative ideas and solutions for sustainable development around the globe and make an impact right along with us

Focused on sustainability


The future of this endeavor is very bright. The results from this mission include lowering the carbon impact by planting an extreme amount of trees, cultural collaboration in appreciating all diversified talents, and bringing intentional awareness of the United Nations Global Goals. We hope that by speaking the universal language of love through encouragement and kindness, showing the beauty of the world around us, and doing what we can to support the mental wellness movement will inspire many to have the courage to rise-up and take measurable action on the ground with us

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Our promise on sustainability

We champion projects that produce extreme action on the ground to advance the UN Global Goals. Earthshot™ has inspired us to take giant intentional steps for our Planet.  And, we know that it is the health and wellness in the People that truly influences a system. 

Sustainable Development is:  Producing greater social wellbeing and protection of the environment. 

Our Cause Fund is an all-in-one system to give to a greater mission.